Gifts for Homeless
Homeless 2 


Only 4 MALE Gifts now needed to meet target!

To simplify and standardise Gift Types, participants are requested to purchase either Male or Female Gifts as follows:

Male Gift, comprising: 
Toiletries Selection +
Notebook or 2021 Calendar & Biro

Female Gift, comprising:
Toiletries Selection +
2021 Pocket Diary & Biro

Please purchase your gifts, wrap and return in a gift bag with a note to identify them as MALE or FEMALE. Further details of when the church will reopen and how to return gifts will be provided nearer the time. The Church has purchased face coverings so that each resident will receive two reusable/washable face coverings with their gift and We plan to have all gifts collected or delivered to the 5 homes in Felixstowe in time for Christmas.

Since there will be no church services until 20 December, Gifts may be dropped off at Church from Wednesday 2 December between 10am - 2pm weekdays. Deadline - Sunday 20 December. Thank you for your generosity and understanding.

We've now received enough pledges to bless ALL the homeless female residents - gifts for male residents still very much appreciated - thank you.

Please provide the following information to confirm your pledge:


Email Address:



Number of MALE Gifts pledged (Enter upto 2 digit numeric value)
Number of FEMALE Gifts pledged We now have sufficient Female Gifts - thank you so much